Personal registration is free of charge and takes place as a result of completing the registration form (in the case of students below 18 years by parent/guardian) and in the case of new students is only binding after a free trial lesson. The registration applies for the academic year of September 2020 until June 2021. Interim cancellation is possible only by mail or e-mail before January 1st 2021. Membership thus will end on the 1st of February 2021. Cancellations after January 1 are not valid and the payment obligation remains. Unsubscribe end of season before 1 June.

  1. By filling in the registration form, the student or parent/guardian of the student declares agreement of the school regulations.

  1. An academic year lasts 10 months. Fees are stated on the website. Payment, in terms or in full, can be done by cash or by bank transfer on A/c no.: NL42 ABNA 0447 5300 62, A/c name: Marjoleins Dance Studio, stating the name of the student.

  1. Payment is possible per full academic year, or in 2 or 4 terms.

Payment per full academic year and before 30 September 2020 gives a discount of more than a month in tuition fees.

  1. It is possible to start the course later in the year, the payment then applies from the first lesson based on the tariff for payment in 2 installments or 4 installments.

  1. Holidays: the studio is closed during the months July and August and further during the school holidays of the North region

  1. During the summer holidays no tuition fees are charged.

  1. If the fee is not paid on time, or in the event of misconduct within the school, further participation in lessons can be refused. Refund of fee is not possible. All additional costs (€ 5,-- per email reminder) and collecting commission will be charged to the student/parent/guardian

  1. When classes cannot continue regularly due to government regulations or forces beyond our control, the studio will teach classes outside or online as much as possible. Classes in this different form will be viewed as full-fletched classes and do not allow restitution of payment.

  1. Failure to attend the lessons does not mean an end to your obligation to pay, the full fee remains payable. 

  1. Each student is personally responsible for any personal accidents or material damage within the school. Damage caused by the student to the school will be charged to the student or in the case of minors to parents/guardians. Marjoleins Dance Studio can in no way be held responsible for loss of property of students that is left behind in the studio

  1. Without permission of the teacher it is not allowed to film, photograph or otherwise make recordings of classes.

  1. The use of teaching material and choreographies outside of the dance studio is only allowed in consultation with the teacher and dance studio.

  1. Change of address, email, telephone number should be notified to



At Marjoleins Dance Studio we carefully handle your privacy.

For teaching classes, organizing events, administrating your participation, information and collecting of due payments, we process your information. This information is called personal data. The recording and use of these personal data is restricted to information necessary for specific purposes. This data is securely saved and acces to it is limited. For any administrative providers we work with there are processing agreements in place to keep information protected. We only share your information with third parties if you have explicitly given permission for this, unless the exchange is mandatory by law.

Permission for publication of photos and videos

At our dance studio we may show progress of students through photos and videos. There can also recording during events and theatre shows by Marjoleins Dance Studio.
Of course we carefully handle photo’s and videos. We don’t share photo’s that may harm your child. We don’t add names when sharing photos and videos. Photos and videos may be placed on (social) media and on the website of Marjoleins Dance Studio.

As practice material for the student, recordings may be taken during classes. These recordings are used for private use of the student and may be shared through a whatsapp group or as a hidden video on youtube forwarded with a link. For viewing lessons, photos and videos may only be taken if all students and parents/guardians of that class agree to it.

Your permission only counts for photos and videos taken by us or instructed by us. It may occur that other students or parents/guardians take photos or videos during events. We do not have any influence on that, but we ask everyone to be reserved when sharing these online.